Weekend Recap: Sun, SWTOR, and 18 days till Hyper Japan!

Hello old friend... where have you been hiding? Image by Billy Alexander on SXC

Hello old friend… where have you been hiding?

After a wonderfully hot and sunny weekend, it’s time to get back to work. It’s also time to have a weekend re-cap.

Well, despite the sunny temperature we ended up spending much of the weekend inside. For one, we’re weak… it was too freaking hot. It’s nice conceptually, and the sun is great, but Liz and I both start melting once the temperature goes above 24°C ish. While Liz is from Oklahoma, a place where you can expect 40°C+ weather (cooling to 30°C+ overnight) for weeks at a time, she’s not used to not having AC – everyone has AC in Oklahoma… stores, homes, cars, you name it. As for me? I’d say blame it on my being a Canadian, but I know plenty of Canadians who thrive in the heat. I guess I just prefer the cold.

The second reason we decided to stay inside was that this was the last double XP weekend for SWTOR. We played a fair bit, and I have to say we put it to good use. We got our Bounty Hunter (Mercenary) / Sith Inquisitor (Sorcerer) up to 50 (almost 52, actually). We haven’t actually finished the main story line yet… We got through the first map of Voss, completing every mission before deciding to skip the rest of the planetary missions and just focus on story line. We’re now done with Voss. Now, it’s off to Corellia. I think the plan is to once again just focus on finishing the story line. As it is, with the change to the commendation system, our modifiable gear is partially filled with Makeb level modifications, so even if we were playing individually we’d have a tough time finding a challenge on Corellia. Here’s hoping that focusing on the class missions only we’ll manage to finish these story lines tonight.

That’s pretty much it for the weekend update. So, instead, here’s something exciting: 10 days till vacation! And 18 days till Hyper Japan!

We really can’t wait. More and more information on what will be available there is being released on the site every day. They’ve now released the main stage programme. It obviously could change between now and then, but it gives a good idea of what will be going on.

And as for what’s going on, there will be SIRO-A performances, geisha performances, live Japanese folk music, Cosplay, and performances from J-Pop star Yun*chi  (amongst many other things).

SIRO-A (really gets into it around 1:10)

Yun*chi – Reverb*

So excited!

As prep-work, I found this (slightly older, but still relevant) post on chopstick etiquette: Just How Rude are You? The Chopstick Test on Hey from Japan- Notes on Moving, Emily Cannell

Hmmm… I did decently, but there were apparently a couple things that I’ll need to keep in mind (namely, passing things to Liz from my chopsticks to hers).

So, anyone else going to attend Hyper Japan?



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6 responses to “Weekend Recap: Sun, SWTOR, and 18 days till Hyper Japan!”

  1. Emily Cannell says :

    Hey Chris- Glad you liked the post. By the way- I just moved to Montreal. One thing you`ll notice immediately when you arrive in Japan is it is SO QUIET. Not honking. As opposed to here where honking is a language. Have a great time at Hyper Japan and arigato gasaimasu!

  2. Fab says :

    I so wanted to go to Hyper-Japan and worked the courage to go as it’s near where I live, helped also by my lovely Japanese neighbour Yuka but I have the feeling that Ms Agoraphobia will have the better of me and told Yuka that it’s best if I giver her a raincheck. Please blog about your experience as I really like your writing style and I will feel like I’ve been to Hyper-Japan too ! 😀

    • Chris Provencher says :

      I certainly plan to :). My wife and I will both have cameras, and it’s my goal to take as many pictures as I can. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting things to post about, although I may not get a post up about it until the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

    • Chris Provencher says :

      Btw, thanks a lot for the compliment. I started writing this blog on a whim after finding that I couldn’t find time to write for my creative writing blog (which has since gone completely defunct). I’m really happy to hear that you enjoy my writing style :).

    • Chris Provencher says :

      Hey, I just wanted to let you know. I’ve been a little slow at getting my posts up, but I’ve completed and published posts 1 and 4 of my Hyper Japan series, as well as a video post containing the videos I took while there. You can check out my Hyper Japan Review Introduction post to get the links to the individual parts (as I publish them), and the video post can be found here.

      It’s my goal to get all but post 7 done this weekend if I can (post 7 will take a while to finish since it’ll mean going through the bag of papers and pamphlets I collected while there).

      Hope you enjoy the posts! Sorry for my tardiness.

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