Weekend recap: I’m meeeelting… and Steam’s Summer Getaway Sale

Weekend recap time! One word: HOT.

I’m sure to a lot of people our highs of 35°C (95°F) after humidex would seem laughable, but remember that we have no AC and neither Liz or I handle heat (or general mugginess) very well. So, we spent the weekend hiding from the heat (and trying to fight a heat triggered headache in my case). We decided to put up the curtains that came with the flat (behind ours) to double up on the protection from the sun, which definitely helped. Our living room is finally dark, despite the sun shining directly in our windows for a long portion of the day. And wow, was it a hot sun…

On a positive note, it was so hot and we were so drained of energy that it led to a nice gaming weekend :). And game we did!

First and foremost, in SWTOR we got our Bounty Hunter / Inquisitor pair up to 54. Amongst other things, we ran most of Illum, found all of the other HK-51 pieces (wow those are a pain!), and spent some time running low level heroics to get planetary commendations to get Makeb modifications for our gear. We’re pretty much all geared out now. Our next goal is to try and run the hardmode flashpoint we need to get our last HK piece. It will be interesting (and a bit stressful), seeing as it’ll be my first hardmode (healing or otherwise), and I’ve rarely healed for a full party (normally, it’s just Liz and I with our companions). I’m a little nervous about it, but we’ll see how it goes.

Second gaming point for the weekend: the Steam Summer Getaway Sale. If you hadn’t heard, Steam currently has a great sale going on, with a good number of games (changing daily) on 25 – 80% off (there are some smaller % off on some other games too), and the occasional ‘flash sale’, lowering some of the prices even further.

I picked up a few games on sale. The deals are great. I picked up ‘Don’t Starve’, ‘X3: Terran Conflict’, ‘The Last Remnant’, and ‘Jet Set Radio’, and I think I paid until £4 each game. Doesn’t get better than that!

Don’t Starve is a perma-death survival game, somewhat similar to Unreal World, but somewhat more simplistic with a very unique, dark art style. I’ve had some great fun with the game. Basically, you’re plopped down in the middle of nowhere and need to find ways to survive. This means you need to keep your 3 vital stats up – food, health, and mental state – by finding food (seeds, carrots, or meat by trapping or hunting), avoiding fights to stay alive (or regaining insignificant amounts of health by using various flower parts as medicine until you manage to make some more potent health salves), and doing what it takes to stay sane – the first character you have regains mental health by picking flowers, wearing a flower garland, or eating meat, while the second character (a pyromaniac) regains sanity by standing near open flames. I haven’t gotten very far in the game – I think 9 days was my longest survival time. I’ve just managed to unlock the third character. I think this game will keep me busy a long while.

X3: Terran Conflict is a stand-alone expansion in the X3 realm (it’s a bit older, first coming out in 2008). It’s a first person space sim. It reminds me quite a bit of Wing Commander Privateer or… ummm… so many other games from the ‘90s early ‘00s of the same style. You start out with your ship. There’s an overarching story line, but you’re pretty much free to do what you choose. You can buy more ships, which you can pilot yourself or have the computer control to do your bidding, whether that’s carrying out trading, or hunting down pirates. You can also buy / build factories, stations, weapon platforms, and more. So, from one ship, you can grow your business into a vast interstellar empire however you want. Oh, and you can complete the main story line, if you’re so inclined. I’ve only run through the flight training and the first ‘mission’ so far, but I think this’ll really be my kind of game.

The Last Remnant is a Square Enix JRPG. I don’t know too much about it, really, except what I’d seen in release trailers in 2009 when it came out. It looks great, and I’m really looking forward to playing it, but for now I really don’t have time to get started on something that looks like it’ll be a very lengthy game, so I picked it up and am putting it on the ‘to play soon’ shelf. I’ll post my thoughts once I actually have a chance to get into it.

The last game, Jet Set Radio, was a game picked up for nostalgic purposes. While I never played the original JSR on the Dreamcast, I fell in love with Jet Set Radio Future on the Xbox. If you haven’t heard of either, it’s a cel-shaded game where you play an inline skater who skates around Tokyo-to regions, spray-painting graffiti on the walls, battling other gangs of skaters, the police, and S.W.A.T teams. The biggest catch for me is the soundtrack, filled with upbeat music from various genres (from J-pop, to electronic, trip top, and metal in the North American version). I spent a lot of time on JSRF, and while I don’t see myself sitting and playing this release of JSR for days on end, it’ll certainly be on my list of casual go-to’s.

Third gaming topic: Liz and I got accepted into the Final Fantasy XIV beta 😀 (probably since I think it’s an open beta now, but hey, I’ll take my wins where I can). Haven’t played too much yet, so I’m going to try and reserve judgement at this point, but if things keep going as they are now, I can very much see myself getting the game at release. I’m going to look into what the NDA says (I’m pretty sure I read that the NDA’s been lifted so I should be able to post freely, but I want to double check the official stance) and I’ll probably post my overall thoughts at a later point.

Fourth gaming point… is there a fourth gaming point? Ummm… I hired another driver, bought another truck, and now have €170K+ saved up in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Does that count? Oh! On that topic, if you’re interested in this game, it’s in the Steam Summer sale for 50% off (so, £12.49). Definitely worth a buy 🙂.

Okay, I think that’s pretty much it for now.

Vacation in T – 2 days :D. WOO!



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