Hyper Japan Review Part 0: Introduction

As some of you may know, Hyper Japan took place in London from the 26th – 28th of July. The event took place at Earl’s Court, and Liz (my wife) and I were lucky enough to have 3 day passes to attend. My next several blog posts will be about our 3 days at the event. I’m looking forward to sharing with you my thoughts, pictures, and videos of the event.

The blog posts are divided as follows (note: I’m posting these out of sequence, and will update this page with links as the posts go live):

  • Part 1: Initial thoughts
  • Part 2: Events / Exhibits – COMING SOON!
  • Part 3: Shopping – COMING SOON!
  • Part 4: Food
  • Part 5: Cosplay – COMING SOON!
  • Part 6: Final thoughts And Conclusions – COMING SOON!
  • Part 7: Links and Resources – COMING SOON!

I hope you enjoy our little glimpse into the world and culture of Japan.




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