Hyper Japan Review Part 4: Food

I think the food was what I was most looking forward to at this event, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. There were quite a few stalls selling meals, candy, desserts, and drinks. What was more impressive was that the prices and portion sizes were quite reasonable. Liz and I have both been to conventions before, and we were expecting over-priced dishes that tasted somewhat reminiscent of cardboard and filled you up about as much. We’d even planned a food budget to make sure we’d have enough put aside to deal with it. Instead, we had good servings of food, for between £3 and £6 a plate and left you quite satisfied (which meant woo! More money for shopping :D).

A food stall Food stalls Okonomiyaki mass-production line

So what did we eat? All sorts of things!

Yakisoba with Prawns (and a tenmusu)
Yakisoba (noodles) and Tempura Prawns
Tenmusu (rice ball containing a tempura prawn)
Takoyaki (octopus balls)
Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake, containing shredded cabbage, sweetcorn, cheese, a brown sauce, Japanese mayo, and a double helping of yumminess)
Ramen with fried chicken
Ramen (noodles in broth) with chicken
Ramen bowl, with egg and mushroom
More Ramen (with egg and mushrooms)

Dorayaki (2 small pancakes (not crepes) sandwiching a filling, in these ones: Strawberry and Cream, and red bean paste) and ice cream:

Strawberry and Cream dorayaki and icecream Strawberry and cream dorayaki Red Bean Dorayaki

And that’s aside from all of the tasters and samples that were being handed out.

I have to say that my only complaint (if it could be seen as one), was that even at 9:30 in the morning there was nothing from the Japanese stalls that could be seen as ‘breakfast’ food. It may be harder to serve breakfast in the ‘fast-food’ style servings, so I guess it’s understandable, but it would have been nice to get to try Japanese breakfast foods (mind you, I’d easily go for Okonomiyaki for breakfast!).

Surprisingly enough, while there were a couple places that were serving sushi, the only sushi we had was for the Sushi Awards. That having been said, the sushi we had for that was great. We were presented with five sushi offerings, and had to vote on our favourite.

2013 Sushi Awards chefs 2013 Sushi Awards sushi

In the picture above, the starting at the 12 o’clock position, going in a clockwise direction were:
Sea Bass Maki with Crispy and Spicy Twist by Dariusz Burdzinski from Feng Sushi
The Tokyo Special Roll by Yoshiro Motohashi from the Eat Tokyo Group
The Samurai by Tomokazu Matsuya from SO Restaurant
Wagyu Beef Teriyaki Roll by Sadayuki Okamoto from Ichi Sushi and Sashimi Bar
Emperor’s Feast by Sandy Beltran from Tsunami

For better (individual) pictures, check out the winner announcement page on Hyper Japan.

Our favourite (and the winner) was the Tokyo Special roll. This having been said, just like with the food vendors, we certainly were not disappointed by any of the sushi.

Up next, Hyper Japan Review Part 5: Cosplay (COMING SOON!)

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