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All day meeting holding post

Another all-day meeting today. Whee! This time it’s a meeting at my actual employers (Skillsoft), rather than a BP team meeting (for those of you who don’t know, I’m a Skillsoft employee working on site at BP. It’s quite interesting, actually. I needed to look up directions to the Skillsoft office last night in the 17 months I’ve been in the UK, this is the first time I’ve been to the Skillsoft office. I had only the smallest idea of where the building was. And to make things that much better, I get to meet all of my ‘co-workers’, many for the first time! This should be fun.

As such, this will be a very short post.

I wanted to just quickly say that our hearts go out to those in Oklahoma who have lost friends and family in the devestating tornadoes that swept through Oklahoma last night. Most of Liz’ family is in Oklahoma, so it was a rough night for Liz last night, but sleep did come eventually.

I should have a full post tomorrow.




It’s Friday! And cheesy clip post

Happy Friday! Also, going to see Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend! Woo!

I really wish I had more to post about, but it seems that I don’t.

I’m happy to say that after going through the entire day with a headache yesterday, I got up this morning tired, but clear-headed. Unfortunately, my stack of work from yesterday only slightly decreased, so I still have too much to do.

So, since I don’t have enough time to think of something more substantial to write about, here’s a quick glance back at my most popular posts (based on WordPress ‘likes’) since starting this blog.

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The adventures of Tukiren, the troll mage

Okay, cop-out time. I didn’t take the time last night to pre-prep any material for a post for today, and I’ll be offline all day today. I have, however, figured something to post and unlike yesterday, it’s all my content :).

As you may know, at one point I was very much into World of Warcraft. During that time (in 2007, it would seem), I decided to start a blog for one of my main characters (from that character’s point of view). Tukiren was my human raised (well, sorta… he was bought as a slave by a human wizard as a child and managed to kill his ‘master’ with a dagger he’d managed to steal and burn the master’s tower down in his early teens) troll mage, the first character I got up to 60 and subsequently to 70.

I managed to get 2 posts out for him, with a fair bit of in-game time passing between the two before realizing that I was more interested in playing than in taking notes of what I was doing to put in my blog. Time passed. I forgot pretty much everything about the blog.

After having mentioned the blog’s existence to my wife, she showed interest in reading those 2 posts, so I started searching for it. I was quite surprised last night to find that it still existed after all these years. The pictures that had been included in the post are gone, but still the text is there.

So, without further delays, may I present, the Adventures of Tukiren:
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Blog milestone, HyperJapan update, and The Stanley House

A couple exciting things to post about today. First, a small milestone for ProfessingIdeas – 500 views! Woo! It’s not a huge count, obviously, but it is nice to see that number climb every day. A little stats break down:

As of this morning:
Average of 16 views per day for the month of April (15 views per day overall since the blog started)
Readers coming from 19 different countries (although the majority are from Canada, the UK, and the US (in that order)
24 posts (25 after this one) spread across 32 categories and 112 tags

All-in-all, very exciting :). Okay, so probably not very exciting for anyone else, but I’m fairly numbers focused. While I really enjoy writing here, seeing that people are actually reading what I write makes it so much more satisfying.

Secondly, and much more exciting for Liz and I, WE HAS TICKETS!

Hyper Japan

Last night we bought our HyperJapan tickets. We managed to get a great rate for a hotel room, so we decided to pick up tickets for all 3 days. Plus, since we’d saved money on the hotel room, we decided to pick up tickets for the Eat-Japan Sushi awards.

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Blogger vs WordPress

So, I’ve been looking at the two main blogging platforms: Blogger and WordPress. I’m certainly having some difficulty deciding which way to go for my blogs.

I’ve been using Blogger for some time with my other blog (Written Snippets: A Good Start), so my initial thoughts were just to continue with that platform. I’m familiar with the platform, the templates are easy to use, and I can still customize them a bit (my other blog has some custom elements in the side bar that I made, as well as a couple other features I borrowed for the individual posts). It would make sense to stay with it, I think. Plus, it’s completely free. Always a plus in my books.

I’ve been thinking, however, that maybe a switch to WordPress might be beneficial. It seems like a fairly decent platform with good customization options. It’s true that there are paid tiers offering additional customization and ‘premium themes’, but the free offering seems quite good as well.

In the end, I’m really not sure which way I should go. For now, I will make my posts on both a Blogger site (Professing Ideas on Blogger) and on a WordPress site (Professing Ideas on WordPress). I guess with time we’ll see which platform wins. Any suggestions or ideas? Let me know what you think!

– CP

Update: Thanks to the community and Reader, I’ve opted to go forward solely with WordPress. The Blogger site still currently exists, but will not be updated.

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