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Pound cake wars, unlikely best friends, and all day breakfasts

Last night, my wife baked a large pound cake for a gathering we went to. She specifically baked a fairly large cake in to leave some at home for me to have – in the past she’s been notorious for baking things and giving them away in their entirety without my even getting a taste of what she made.

The cake was a big hit and disappeared quite quickly (as did the lemon squares she made, but that’s a different story, since she didn’t make any extra for me 😉 ). Apparently I was in a sharing mood this morning as I decided to bring what was left of my cake to work to share with my co-workers. While I cry that I only got to have a couple small pieces, I think the fight between my co-workers over who would get to have more cake was definitely worth it.

Two co-workers fighting over what's left of Liz's pound cake

Two co-workers fighting over what’s left of Liz’s pound cake

As you can see from the picture above, the struggle for cake actually got a bit physical ;).

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Short post. Too much to do, never enough time.

Today will unfortunately have to be a short post. Unfortunately I didn’t think to prep anything for a post last night. This morning was spent in meetings, I’ve got a ton of work waiting for me this afternoon, and this evening is going to be spent at the book club meeting I’d mentioned previously. I never did get around to finishing the book for the club. I should be around 80% done by the time I get there… should be enough to have a coherent opinion on the book :).

Since I don’t really have a proper topic to post about, I’ll instead provide a couple random links that I came upon today.

From BuzzFeed: 79 Actors We Can Thank Canada For
A nice little list. Not complete by far, but it did have some names that surprised me.

Posted on Geekologie: Custom TARDIS Police Box Fridge Decals Now Available
If we didn’t have a built in / hidden fridge, I would sooooo get those!

Finally, an otter playing with a puppy (cause why the heck not?):

Okay, need to get to work. I may edit this post later to add more links, but chances are, this’ll be it until tomorrow.


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