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Hyper Japan Review Part 4: Food

I think the food was what I was most looking forward to at this event, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. There were quite a few stalls selling meals, candy, desserts, and drinks. What was more impressive was that the prices and portion sizes were quite reasonable. Liz and I have both been to conventions before, and we were expecting over-priced dishes that tasted somewhat reminiscent of cardboard and filled you up about as much. We’d even planned a food budget to make sure we’d have enough put aside to deal with it. Instead, we had good servings of food, for between £3 and £6 a plate and left you quite satisfied (which meant woo! More money for shopping :D).

A food stall Food stalls Okonomiyaki mass-production line

So what did we eat? All sorts of things!
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Fire eating, acrobats, contortionists, and great food at Circus

Last night the team I work with had a farewell dinner for a team member who is (sadly) leaving us. We had the pleasure of going into London for the event, to a cabaret restaurant and cocktail bar called Circus.

It’s a great little restaurant. From the street, you probably wouldn’t even realize it was there, a nondescript door between a spa and a shop. Once you get inside, though, you’re in for quite a treat. I tried to take some pictures of the décor, but thanks to the low quality of my phone’s camera most of them didn’t turn out. Instead, here are a couple from the official site:

The front entrance to the Circus. It would be easy enough to miss, if you didn’t know what you were looking for.
Image owned and copyright Circus.

The main stage / table, and some smaller tables.
Image owned and copyright by Circus

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Weekend recap: Misfile, Star Trek Online, and The Stanley House

Weekend update time!

Image from Wikipedia. This is a logo owned by DC Comics, Inc. A subsidiary of Time Warner (c)2008.

We had a fairly quiet weekend, as usual. We discussed going to see Man of Steel in cinemas, but were put off by the thought of opening weekend crowds, so we’ll likely go on the weekend. That’s fine, though – I’m not sure Liz has ever seen the original two Superman movies (well, the original Superman and the Richard Donner cut of the second movie), so we’ll watch those between now and the weekend just for kicks :).

Surprisingly enough, we haven’t yet finished watching the first season of Game of Thrones, despite having the second season sitting on our shelf waiting for us. We had plenty of time, but simply didn’t get around to it.

Misfile - In one little corner of the universe, there's nothing more irritation than a misfile...

Misfile – Image from

We just had a fairly quiet Saturday, with Liz reading a book and my reading through a web comic – Misfile (I’d read it for a few years, stopped for some reason or other and forgot about it until I recently saw an ad for it. I’m now going back through the entire archive to catch up). Great web comic, btw… guy gets turned into a chick, a girl loses 2 years of her life, and a deadbeat angel is trying to be ‘good’ to get back into heaven to fix the errors. Go check it out! A prefect way to spend a lazy rainy Saturday.

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Weekend Recap: Cineworld and more Humble Indie Bundle

All-in-all, I had a great weekend. The weather was beautiful, Liz and I were in rather good health and spirits (the morale kind, not the beverage kind 😉 ), saved a bunch of money, played a lot of games, and had cake (no lie)! What more could one ask for?

Cineworld LogoI have to admit that the ‘saved a bunch of money’ is actually just a positive way of looking at a negative experience. As some of you may know, Cineworld has a VIP membership deal – pay £15 a month (locked in for a year, no cancellations or refunds for that first year except within the first 6 days and only if Cineworld agrees that you have cause, and more restrictions) and you can watch as many movies as you want for free, get 10% discount on food, and have access to special shows. Despite the terms and conditions, it sounds like a great deal. Go to 2 movies a month and you’ve profited from the card.

The only Cineworld within a reasonable travel time from our place is in Feltham. Since we both wanted to see Star Trek again, we decided to go in to Feltham, see what the cinema was like, and then maybe buy the passes (we’d actually planned on going to see Iron Man 3 which was a 10am show, but we ended up sleeping in so we changed our plans).

We got to the Cineworld and from the outside, it seemed nice enough – sharing a parking lot with several restaurants (Burger King, Pizza Hut & Chiquito), the cinema had quite a few screens (don’t remember how many, but it was in the high teens), a spacious, reasonably well-arranged lobby, and a large concession booth. It was also within a short walking distance of the train station. Seemed like a win, so we went to the VIP registration machine to buy our passes.

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Happy Friday – Liz’ Biscuits and a cat

It’s Friday! Woo!

So, yesterday I brought in some biscuits my wife brought in. She’s from the south of the US, where biscuits are a serious topic, with marriages being founded on fresh, homemade biscuits.  Liz’ recipe is a family recipe that my wife has thankfully mastered. They’re amazing. Wednesday she made biscuits and sausage gravy (ground pork sausage meat, fried up, served in a white gravy on top… it’s great), and let me bring in the 5 remaining biscuits for the team at work (a huge sacrifice for both of us).

Everyone loved them (of course), but a debate was sparked. Here in the UK, “biscuits” are what we’d call cookies in North America. Meanwhile, the closest name they could find to describe the biscuits were scones. My wife maintained that the while similar, biscuits are not scones and that if nothing else that distinction depends on how the scone / biscuit is eaten (scone = clotted cream, butter, and jam at tea, biscuits = with (or as part of) meals, sometimes as a substitution for buns/rolls).

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