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Hyper Japan Review Part 4: Food

I think the food was what I was most looking forward to at this event, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. There were quite a few stalls selling meals, candy, desserts, and drinks. What was more impressive was that the prices and portion sizes were quite reasonable. Liz and I have both been to conventions before, and we were expecting over-priced dishes that tasted somewhat reminiscent of cardboard and filled you up about as much. We’d even planned a food budget to make sure we’d have enough put aside to deal with it. Instead, we had good servings of food, for between £3 and £6 a plate and left you quite satisfied (which meant woo! More money for shopping :D).

A food stall Food stalls Okonomiyaki mass-production line

So what did we eat? All sorts of things!
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Blog milestone, HyperJapan update, and The Stanley House

A couple exciting things to post about today. First, a small milestone for ProfessingIdeas – 500 views! Woo! It’s not a huge count, obviously, but it is nice to see that number climb every day. A little stats break down:

As of this morning:
Average of 16 views per day for the month of April (15 views per day overall since the blog started)
Readers coming from 19 different countries (although the majority are from Canada, the UK, and the US (in that order)
24 posts (25 after this one) spread across 32 categories and 112 tags

All-in-all, very exciting :). Okay, so probably not very exciting for anyone else, but I’m fairly numbers focused. While I really enjoy writing here, seeing that people are actually reading what I write makes it so much more satisfying.

Secondly, and much more exciting for Liz and I, WE HAS TICKETS!

Hyper Japan

Last night we bought our HyperJapan tickets. We managed to get a great rate for a hotel room, so we decided to pick up tickets for all 3 days. Plus, since we’d saved money on the hotel room, we decided to pick up tickets for the Eat-Japan Sushi awards.

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Evoland by Shiro Games! Also, Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook

Shiro Games

Images copyright Shiro Games

I’d originally intended to start this post talking about the great supper we made last night (mmmm… salsa chicken wraps), but the pictures I took of it are at home, so I guess I’ll skip that. Instead, I’m wanted to mention a newly released game, available on Steam, Good Old Games, and directly from the developer: Evoland

This game started off as a creation for a Ludum Dare competition, winning first place (out of 1400 games). The theme for the competition was set as ‘evolution’. The game’s developer, Nicolas Cannasse, decided to take this forward by making a game involving the evolution of… gaming! The game was hugely popular, and after winning first place it quickly amassed over 300,000 plays. It was innovative, interesting, nostalgic, and a great starting point for something bigger.

Fast forward 7 months (or so), and a new version of the game has been released. The game grows from an old style monochrome, 8-bit game (in which you can only move right) through the ages of gaming to 3D gaming. The game is a mix of Zelda’esque action/adventure and Final Fantasy / Dragon Quest console RPG elements.

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