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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Rise of the Hutt Cartel & Local Indian take 2

SWTORWell, since I’ve been talking about it for a little while (namely here and here), I guess I should mention the fact that the SWTOR expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, came out today for people who pre-ordered (including Liz and I, of course). Full patch notes are here. There have been a few changes, but a one attracted me quite a bit.

One of the big changes was that SWTOR finally got in-game achievements (similar to WoW). It seems like a silly little thing to have, but as my gaming friends know, I’m something of an achievement whore. I would sit through everything I could to get every XBox 360 achievement for every game I had, I spend hours trying to unlock that last PS3 trophy, and I spent an inane amount of time grinding Timbermaw Hold faction to get the WoW achievement (pre-cata) (amongst other things).

I’ve been complaining about the lack of an achievement system in SWTOR since I first reached level cap. I was very happy to see it in the release notes for 2.0. Liz and I spent a little time playing some of the new missions on Makeb after the 2.2GB patch download (thanks love for kicking it off for me while I was working!), but as she wasn’t feeling too great we decided to spend much of our evening working on.. you guessed it… ACHIEVEMENTS! We picked the first planet in the achievements list (Alderaan) and decided to run through with our characters to try to quickly grind through some. It’s nice that the achievements are legacy wide, so all characters on a single server contribute towards the achievements. It was quite fun running around a planet 10 levels below us to gather the kill counts needed to work towards our goals.

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Not all changes are good

So, tonight my wife and I decided to go out to eat (I imagine that I’ll be talking about food and eating out a lot in this blog… I just love to eat, especially when I don’t need to do dishes afterwards ;)). We opted to go to our preferred Indian place for a change. It tends to cost a bit more than eating elsewhere so we don’t go often, but we generally quite enjoy it.

It seems they’ve recently had a change in personnel, hiring a waiter from a competing Indian restaurant which went out of business recently. A chatty waiter. Who hovers. And seems to want to be invited to sit with you. And take the fork from you and feed you himself. In fact, this waiter was one of the reasons we specifically avoided the aforementioned closed restaurant.


It’s okay, we thought. We’ll just stick to take away instead.

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