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Weekend recap: I’m meeeelting… and Steam’s Summer Getaway Sale

Weekend recap time! One word: HOT.

I’m sure to a lot of people our highs of 35°C (95°F) after humidex would seem laughable, but remember that we have no AC and neither Liz or I handle heat (or general mugginess) very well. So, we spent the weekend hiding from the heat (and trying to fight a heat triggered headache in my case). We decided to put up the curtains that came with the flat (behind ours) to double up on the protection from the sun, which definitely helped. Our living room is finally dark, despite the sun shining directly in our windows for a long portion of the day. And wow, was it a hot sun…

On a positive note, it was so hot and we were so drained of energy that it led to a nice gaming weekend :). And game we did!
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SWTOR: Duo’ing The False Emperor Flashpoint at 52

Just a quick head’s up, this post will be all about SWTOR. If you’re not a fan of the Old Republic, you may want to navigate away… Also, I’ll be giving some False Emperor flashpoint spoilers.

Okay. You’re still here, so I imagine you want me to go on :).

As planned, Liz and I finished our main story lines. We opted to just push through the class missions, ignoring the planetary missions for Voss and Corellia, so we ended up finishing at level 52. Once this was done, we decided that rather than push on to Makeb right away we should go through and try to get HK-51 (a companion character introduced quite some time back).

While we’ve had a few level 50 characters for quite some time now (at least since HK-51 was introduced), we simply haven’t gotten the drive to do what was necessary to get him. To obtain him, you need to run through a quick mission in Section X on Belsavis and then do a sort of treasure hunt across the galaxy, collecting needed parts along the way. Two of the parts are in flashpoints (instance dungeons for those of you from other MMOs).

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Weekend Recap: Sun, SWTOR, and 18 days till Hyper Japan!

Hello old friend... where have you been hiding? Image by Billy Alexander on SXC

Hello old friend… where have you been hiding?

After a wonderfully hot and sunny weekend, it’s time to get back to work. It’s also time to have a weekend re-cap.

Well, despite the sunny temperature we ended up spending much of the weekend inside. For one, we’re weak… it was too freaking hot. It’s nice conceptually, and the sun is great, but Liz and I both start melting once the temperature goes above 24°C ish. While Liz is from Oklahoma, a place where you can expect 40°C+ weather (cooling to 30°C+ overnight) for weeks at a time, she’s not used to not having AC – everyone has AC in Oklahoma… stores, homes, cars, you name it. As for me? I’d say blame it on my being a Canadian, but I know plenty of Canadians who thrive in the heat. I guess I just prefer the cold.

The second reason we decided to stay inside was that this was the last double XP weekend for SWTOR. We played a fair bit, and I have to say we put it to good use. We got our Bounty Hunter (Mercenary) / Sith Inquisitor (Sorcerer) up to 50 (almost 52, actually). We haven’t actually finished the main story line yet… We got through the first map of Voss, completing every mission before deciding to skip the rest of the planetary missions and just focus on story line. We’re now done with Voss. Now, it’s off to Corellia. I think the plan is to once again just focus on finishing the story line. As it is, with the change to the commendation system, our modifiable gear is partially filled with Makeb level modifications, so even if we were playing individually we’d have a tough time finding a challenge on Corellia. Here’s hoping that focusing on the class missions only we’ll manage to finish these story lines tonight.

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Weekend Recap & Book club: Pollen, SWTOR, and Books!

Okay, so this weekend was quite warm, which is very nice, but it also meant that we were plagued by evil pollen, which meant that while we did go out to try and enjoy the weather a bit, we were limited a bit thanks to our allergies. Bleh.

Our hiding at home from the pollen did mean we were able to take advantage of the double XP weekend in SWTOR, though, which is quite nice. I believe that next weekend is the last scheduled double XP weekend, so we’ll be trying to make the best of it. We have a couple characters nearing level 50 (my Sith Sorcerer and Liz’ Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent) that we would like to push through with. Our Sorcerer and Bounty Hunter combo is almost 47 right now and still on Belsavis (with an entire map left to go), so at this rate we’ll be well past 50 by the time we finish the original (non Makeb) story line, which should be nice.

Beyond hiding from pollen and SWTOR, our weekend was very quiet. So quiet that I need some filler for this post, so I’ll talk about the sci-fi/fantasy book club we attend.

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Weekend Recap: Eat, Sleep, Minecraft

JasmineHad a great weekend. The weather was gorgeous. It was awesome to have all the windows open. Liz recently bought a Jasmine, so every time there was a small breeze, the entire house would be filled with its beautiful smell. What’s most interesting about this is that every time, all I could smell were cloves. Maybe it’s just me, though :).


MinecraftOther than going out to walk in the beautiful weather, we ended up spending much of the weekend playing Minecraft. I’d been watching some YouTube videos of late, and it got me back in the mood. We have individual worlds – Liz is creating a ginormous regular pyramid in a super-flat world (creative mode, of course) while I’m playing just a normal survival game – as well as one together. The ability to simply open up your world to the LAN is great. While Liz was digging some trenches (two 10-wide, one 5-wide, surrounding her pyramid), I decided to take a break from my spelunking and give her a hand. Two clicks later and I was settling into the monotony of trench digging.

We actually ended up playing a lot more Minecraft than either of us had initially planned. Unfortunately it seems that the SWTOR servers aren’t made to handle any kind of population. All of the servers were full this weekend. While we didn’t have to wait long to log in thanks to the ‘priority queue’ for paying players, we were plagued by horrible lag and complete inability to post anything to the market place or collect our mail. Made for a very unpleasant experience, and wouldn’t have worked for us playing together at all (it’s really not a good thing for the healer (me) to suffer terrible lag).

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