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It’s Finally Friday! Final Fantasy XV, and Morning Elegance

Woo! Friday! This has felt like such a long week. So happy it’s almost over.

Not much to post about today, except for two YouTube videos. These cemented the fact that I will *need* to get a next gen system (and with all of the continuing news and comparisons, it’ll likely be the PS4).

Yes, once again the main reason that I will buy a Sony system is…. Final Fantasy.

I’m sure that’s no surprise to anyone (and I know that Final Fantasy XV will be available on both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, but to be honest, before seeing the FFXV trailer and gameplay videos I actually wasn’t too hyped about getting one of the next gen systems, so while the decisions Microsoft and Sony made have convinced me to go with the PS4 over the new Xbox should I buy a new system, it was Final Fantasy that convinced me that I’d need to buy a new system at all).

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Weekend recap – UnReal World, SWTOR, and food!

As you may have noticed, I decided to take the weekend off from posting. Not because I was particularly busy or had a lot planned. More because when it came time to make a post, I didn’t know what to write about and kept putting it off.

We had a great weekend. After a little bit of rain, we finally got to see an old friend… the sun! It feels like it’s been overcast for months, so it was a pleasant surprise when the clouds finally parted.

It was a quiet weekend, spent gaming, doing housework, and generally taking things easy. I had intended to write my post about UnReal World on the weekend (as promised in my last post), but while I launched the game in order to take screenshots, I ended up getting caught up in the game instead so that didn’t get done (obviously). It’s been a great game so far, though… I’ve built a nice large cabin and a separate smoke-house. I think I’m nearing the end of June (I started in spring), so I have plenty of time to stockpile food, build a paddock, and get a cow or two from the neighbouring Driikiläiset or Islander tribes.

SWTORLiz and I also played some more SWTOR. This weekend the expansion went live for all purchasers, which meant we were facing constant lag. It was quite surprising to look at the Makeb map and see 34+ instances of the planet, with over half of them full.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Rise of the Hutt Cartel & Local Indian take 2

SWTORWell, since I’ve been talking about it for a little while (namely here and here), I guess I should mention the fact that the SWTOR expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, came out today for people who pre-ordered (including Liz and I, of course). Full patch notes are here. There have been a few changes, but a one attracted me quite a bit.

One of the big changes was that SWTOR finally got in-game achievements (similar to WoW). It seems like a silly little thing to have, but as my gaming friends know, I’m something of an achievement whore. I would sit through everything I could to get every XBox 360 achievement for every game I had, I spend hours trying to unlock that last PS3 trophy, and I spent an inane amount of time grinding Timbermaw Hold faction to get the WoW achievement (pre-cata) (amongst other things).

I’ve been complaining about the lack of an achievement system in SWTOR since I first reached level cap. I was very happy to see it in the release notes for 2.0. Liz and I spent a little time playing some of the new missions on Makeb after the 2.2GB patch download (thanks love for kicking it off for me while I was working!), but as she wasn’t feeling too great we decided to spend much of our evening working on.. you guessed it… ACHIEVEMENTS! We picked the first planet in the achievements list (Alderaan) and decided to run through with our characters to try to quickly grind through some. It’s nice that the achievements are legacy wide, so all characters on a single server contribute towards the achievements. It was quite fun running around a planet 10 levels below us to gather the kill counts needed to work towards our goals.

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Long day, and I wish I could learn to read a calendar

So today’s been a long day. Unfortunately, the small headache I went to bed with grew overnight. Got up, my head was thrumming a bit, but it was okay. Got to work, it had grown a bit more, making it a little difficult to focus on work. By the time I got home, it had grown to a full-fledged migraine, with sound and light sensitivity, tunnel vision, and nausea. The train ride home was one of the longest of my life… a nice lady with her 2 kids nearby (not loud enough to normally cause a problem but today….), 2 people listening to music on their headphones turned loud enough for everyone else in the coach to hear it, and someone sitting right behind me jingling their keys for 4 stops… /sigh.

On a positive note, I got home and was able to take some co-codamol and lay down for a short time before supper. I don’t think you can get co-codamol in North America. It’s basically paracetamol/tylenol with some codeine and caffeine, and here you can get it over-the-counter (Liz has told me you can’t get codeine without a prescription in the States). It’s one of the few things that seem to work for me when my headaches get really bad (I’m headache prone in general). After 30 minutes to an hour, I was able to function again, and was able to spend a quite but pleasant supper and evening with Liz.

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10th post and SWTOR double XP weekends

Woo! 10th post! And only posted late on 1 of them (although technically I *did* miss a day, but that’s besides the point). I know it’s not a huge thing to celebrate, but gotta start somewhere ;).

My wife and I play Star Wars: The Old Republic together. I’ve played since the beta (I pre-ordered the game and took part in 3 of the beta weekends), while my wife has played for a little less than a year (I corrupted her… she didn’t really see the point in online MMO games). We’re both paying members, despite the gaming being free to play now, but I think that’s mostly  because we played so long as paying members that we couldn’t go without the added features that come with a full account.

An expansion to the game is coming out soon – Rise of the Hutt Cartel. Pre-orders (anyone buying the game before January 7, 2013) get early access to the new content starting this Monday (April 8), while general access starts on the 15th (my wife and I pre-ordered, of course). This expansion will be adding in a new planet (Makeb), as well as increasing the level cap to 55 and adding in a bunch of other new content.

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