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Hyper Japan, hotels in London, and RIP Tossy4

I’ve decided to take some vacation time at the end of July. Woo, two weeks! Once my manager has officially approved it, I should be off from the 18th until the 31st of July. Wouldn’t you know, this time off just happens to coincide with a 3 day event happening in london:



Okay. I’m sure I’m not fooling anyone – I planned the vacation around the event. Once my manager approves the vacation time, we’re looking at buying 3 day passes (£24 a person), and we’re also looking to get an affordable hotel room in the area.

I think I’ve found a couple of possibilities where we can get a hotel with a double room for 3 nights for £190 – £210 total. The hotels look okay, for the most part. They’re obviously not top end, but they have decent reviews and they’re within 10 – 15 minute walking distance from the exhibition centre, which is great.

I’m really excited by the chance to go to this. Right now a lot of the information on the site is from last year’s Christmas show, but if that’s any indication of things, it looks like it should be great.

Any readers go to a Hyper Japan show before? What do you think – is it worth getting the 3 day pass? We’d been debating whether to get the £24 3 day pass or the £16 ‘fast track’ one day pass which would allow us to bypass some queues once inside the event.

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Weekend recap – UnReal World, SWTOR, and food!

As you may have noticed, I decided to take the weekend off from posting. Not because I was particularly busy or had a lot planned. More because when it came time to make a post, I didn’t know what to write about and kept putting it off.

We had a great weekend. After a little bit of rain, we finally got to see an old friend… the sun! It feels like it’s been overcast for months, so it was a pleasant surprise when the clouds finally parted.

It was a quiet weekend, spent gaming, doing housework, and generally taking things easy. I had intended to write my post about UnReal World on the weekend (as promised in my last post), but while I launched the game in order to take screenshots, I ended up getting caught up in the game instead so that didn’t get done (obviously). It’s been a great game so far, though… I’ve built a nice large cabin and a separate smoke-house. I think I’m nearing the end of June (I started in spring), so I have plenty of time to stockpile food, build a paddock, and get a cow or two from the neighbouring Driikiläiset or Islander tribes.

SWTORLiz and I also played some more SWTOR. This weekend the expansion went live for all purchasers, which meant we were facing constant lag. It was quite surprising to look at the Makeb map and see 34+ instances of the planet, with over half of them full.

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