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Weekend recap: I’m meeeelting… and Steam’s Summer Getaway Sale

Weekend recap time! One word: HOT.

I’m sure to a lot of people our highs of 35°C (95°F) after humidex would seem laughable, but remember that we have no AC and neither Liz or I handle heat (or general mugginess) very well. So, we spent the weekend hiding from the heat (and trying to fight a heat triggered headache in my case). We decided to put up the curtains that came with the flat (behind ours) to double up on the protection from the sun, which definitely helped. Our living room is finally dark, despite the sun shining directly in our windows for a long portion of the day. And wow, was it a hot sun…

On a positive note, it was so hot and we were so drained of energy that it led to a nice gaming weekend :). And game we did!
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Weekend Recap: Sun, SWTOR, and 18 days till Hyper Japan!

Hello old friend... where have you been hiding? Image by Billy Alexander on SXC

Hello old friend… where have you been hiding?

After a wonderfully hot and sunny weekend, it’s time to get back to work. It’s also time to have a weekend re-cap.

Well, despite the sunny temperature we ended up spending much of the weekend inside. For one, we’re weak… it was too freaking hot. It’s nice conceptually, and the sun is great, but Liz and I both start melting once the temperature goes above 24°C ish. While Liz is from Oklahoma, a place where you can expect 40°C+ weather (cooling to 30°C+ overnight) for weeks at a time, she’s not used to not having AC – everyone has AC in Oklahoma… stores, homes, cars, you name it. As for me? I’d say blame it on my being a Canadian, but I know plenty of Canadians who thrive in the heat. I guess I just prefer the cold.

The second reason we decided to stay inside was that this was the last double XP weekend for SWTOR. We played a fair bit, and I have to say we put it to good use. We got our Bounty Hunter (Mercenary) / Sith Inquisitor (Sorcerer) up to 50 (almost 52, actually). We haven’t actually finished the main story line yet… We got through the first map of Voss, completing every mission before deciding to skip the rest of the planetary missions and just focus on story line. We’re now done with Voss. Now, it’s off to Corellia. I think the plan is to once again just focus on finishing the story line. As it is, with the change to the commendation system, our modifiable gear is partially filled with Makeb level modifications, so even if we were playing individually we’d have a tough time finding a challenge on Corellia. Here’s hoping that focusing on the class missions only we’ll manage to finish these story lines tonight.

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Weekend Recap: No Superman and EE’s Alcatel Y800 Mobile Wifi

Image from Wikipedia. This is a logo owned by DC Comics, Inc. A subsidiary of Time Warner (c)2008.

So, this weekend we had only one real plan – see the new Man of Steel movie at the cinemas in Staines. Seems like an easy task, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the universe was conspiring against us… Firstly, engineering works were taking place on the trains – if we wanted to take the train, we’d have to go to Staines at 11am, and leave to come home just before 9pm. An annoyance, but not really a hardship, so that became the plan (go to Staines, have lunch, shop the open air market and some of the stores, go watch a 4pm showing of the movie, have supper, and then come home. No problem!).

Enter 8:30am and the alarm going off. An alarm that I seriously didn’t want to have going off. Neither did Liz, for that matter. After some quasi-linguistic grunting at each other, I think we determined that we should turn the alarm off and see what comes of it. Alarm off, back to blissful sleep.

10:30, out of bed, still talking about alternative methods of travelling into Staines. Open the blinds and see how completely miserable it looks outside. Raining, cold, dreary… Not really encouraging us to go stand outside while waiting for a bus, and then spending all that time on the bus, walking around Staines, and then either taking the bus or train back.

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Angry geese, angry swans, angry bears, and ang… erm… Pocket Planes

Apparently today’s a slow news day for me, so we’ll cover a bit of randomness.

Just got back from lunch with the team. We decided to head out to the lake that is near our building for lunch. We kept some geese company for a while, until a mean swan came over and chased them off. Mind you, maybe the swan had our best interests in mind… when we first got there the geese hadn’t been happy to see us and were hissing at us quite angrily.

Eh, in any case the geese were only gone for a short while – they came back to swim in front of us shortly before we left. Whee British wildlife.

An angry swan, chasing the geese away.

An angry swan, chasing the geese away.

Swans are mean. Then again, so are geese...

Swans are mean. Then again, so are geese…

Happy geese, after the swan bully left.

Happy geese, after the swan bully left.

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Happy Friday – Liz’ Biscuits and a cat

It’s Friday! Woo!

So, yesterday I brought in some biscuits my wife brought in. She’s from the south of the US, where biscuits are a serious topic, with marriages being founded on fresh, homemade biscuits.  Liz’ recipe is a family recipe that my wife has thankfully mastered. They’re amazing. Wednesday she made biscuits and sausage gravy (ground pork sausage meat, fried up, served in a white gravy on top… it’s great), and let me bring in the 5 remaining biscuits for the team at work (a huge sacrifice for both of us).

Everyone loved them (of course), but a debate was sparked. Here in the UK, “biscuits” are what we’d call cookies in North America. Meanwhile, the closest name they could find to describe the biscuits were scones. My wife maintained that the while similar, biscuits are not scones and that if nothing else that distinction depends on how the scone / biscuit is eaten (scone = clotted cream, butter, and jam at tea, biscuits = with (or as part of) meals, sometimes as a substitution for buns/rolls).

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