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Man of Steel review – Spoiler free

Yesterday was date night. After picking up my Alcatel Y800 Mobile Wifi adapter (EDIT: See my review of it here), Liz and I went for supper at Harvester (a grill chain restaurant) before going to see the new Man of Steel movie (in 2D). Food was great. Movie was… ummm… yeah.

I will preface my opinions by saying that I did have a slightly unpleasant cinema experience – it’s a loud movie to start with (this is much more an action movie than typical Superman movies), and it seemed like they had the volume cranked at the cinema. At the best of times, I found it distracting, while at the worst of times (say, during every action scene), it was unpleasant and sometimes downright painful. I’m thinking that this may have negatively coloured my opinions and hope (beyond hopes) that when I get to watch it from the comfort of my own living room with control over the volume that I’ll be able to enjoy the movie more.

It was somewhat disappointing… I wanted to enjoy the movie. Normally I go into movies without pre-conceptions or anything, and I find myself a lot more critical in those times. Here I wanted to like the movie, which should have given it a lot of extra leeway, but I found myself leaving the cinema quite disappointed.

Since I’m aiming to make this a spoiler free review, I’ll stay away from talking about the story too much (which was okay, I guess). Guess that leaves the technical side of things and the actors.

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Weekend Recap: No Superman and EE’s Alcatel Y800 Mobile Wifi

Image from Wikipedia. This is a logo owned by DC Comics, Inc. A subsidiary of Time Warner (c)2008.

So, this weekend we had only one real plan – see the new Man of Steel movie at the cinemas in Staines. Seems like an easy task, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the universe was conspiring against us… Firstly, engineering works were taking place on the trains – if we wanted to take the train, we’d have to go to Staines at 11am, and leave to come home just before 9pm. An annoyance, but not really a hardship, so that became the plan (go to Staines, have lunch, shop the open air market and some of the stores, go watch a 4pm showing of the movie, have supper, and then come home. No problem!).

Enter 8:30am and the alarm going off. An alarm that I seriously didn’t want to have going off. Neither did Liz, for that matter. After some quasi-linguistic grunting at each other, I think we determined that we should turn the alarm off and see what comes of it. Alarm off, back to blissful sleep.

10:30, out of bed, still talking about alternative methods of travelling into Staines. Open the blinds and see how completely miserable it looks outside. Raining, cold, dreary… Not really encouraging us to go stand outside while waiting for a bus, and then spending all that time on the bus, walking around Staines, and then either taking the bus or train back.

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Weekend recap: Misfile, Star Trek Online, and The Stanley House

Weekend update time!

Image from Wikipedia. This is a logo owned by DC Comics, Inc. A subsidiary of Time Warner (c)2008.

We had a fairly quiet weekend, as usual. We discussed going to see Man of Steel in cinemas, but were put off by the thought of opening weekend crowds, so we’ll likely go on the weekend. That’s fine, though – I’m not sure Liz has ever seen the original two Superman movies (well, the original Superman and the Richard Donner cut of the second movie), so we’ll watch those between now and the weekend just for kicks :).

Surprisingly enough, we haven’t yet finished watching the first season of Game of Thrones, despite having the second season sitting on our shelf waiting for us. We had plenty of time, but simply didn’t get around to it.

Misfile - In one little corner of the universe, there's nothing more irritation than a misfile...

Misfile – Image from

We just had a fairly quiet Saturday, with Liz reading a book and my reading through a web comic – Misfile (I’d read it for a few years, stopped for some reason or other and forgot about it until I recently saw an ad for it. I’m now going back through the entire archive to catch up). Great web comic, btw… guy gets turned into a chick, a girl loses 2 years of her life, and a deadbeat angel is trying to be ‘good’ to get back into heaven to fix the errors. Go check it out! A prefect way to spend a lazy rainy Saturday.

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Weekend Recap: Cineworld and more Humble Indie Bundle

All-in-all, I had a great weekend. The weather was beautiful, Liz and I were in rather good health and spirits (the morale kind, not the beverage kind 😉 ), saved a bunch of money, played a lot of games, and had cake (no lie)! What more could one ask for?

Cineworld LogoI have to admit that the ‘saved a bunch of money’ is actually just a positive way of looking at a negative experience. As some of you may know, Cineworld has a VIP membership deal – pay £15 a month (locked in for a year, no cancellations or refunds for that first year except within the first 6 days and only if Cineworld agrees that you have cause, and more restrictions) and you can watch as many movies as you want for free, get 10% discount on food, and have access to special shows. Despite the terms and conditions, it sounds like a great deal. Go to 2 movies a month and you’ve profited from the card.

The only Cineworld within a reasonable travel time from our place is in Feltham. Since we both wanted to see Star Trek again, we decided to go in to Feltham, see what the cinema was like, and then maybe buy the passes (we’d actually planned on going to see Iron Man 3 which was a 10am show, but we ended up sleeping in so we changed our plans).

We got to the Cineworld and from the outside, it seemed nice enough – sharing a parking lot with several restaurants (Burger King, Pizza Hut & Chiquito), the cinema had quite a few screens (don’t remember how many, but it was in the high teens), a spacious, reasonably well-arranged lobby, and a large concession booth. It was also within a short walking distance of the train station. Seemed like a win, so we went to the VIP registration machine to buy our passes.

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Gillette asks “How does Superman shave”?

Okay, so today’s going to be another short post (it seems I say that a lot these days…). Unfortunately I have a ton of work on my plate for the day, and not many topics to write about.

A quick health update: I’m feeling much better. I slept straight through to the alarm this morning, which was nice. While I’m still quite tired, I’m certainly better off than I was yesterday and it’s almost the weekend (woo!), so it’s easy to push through it.

Image from Wikipedia. This is a logo owned by DC Comics, Inc. A subsidiary of Time Warner (c)2008.

As for the main meat of today’s post, have you seen the new American Gillette YouTube videos? Specifically, the people at Gillette have watched the Man of Steel trailer and have pointed out that Clark/Superman has a beard while on the fishing boat at the start of the trailer but shows up clean shaven later on (which is good, ‘cause Superman with a beard would be extremely weird).

While the question of how Superman shaves was covered in the comics and at least 1 TV show (I believe ‘The New Adventures of Lois and Clark’ had a scene where Clark uses his heat vision to burn off the hair, bouncing it off a curved piece of metal, deviating slightly from the comic where he uses a hand mirror), they decided to ask some brilliant minds the question and have posted the 4 video responses they received. Now, it’s up to viewers to vote for their favourite answer. Watch the videos below, let me know which you think is the best response in the comments below, and then head over to the Gillette channel and vote for your favourite!

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