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Gillette asks “How does Superman shave”?

Okay, so today’s going to be another short post (it seems I say that a lot these days…). Unfortunately I have a ton of work on my plate for the day, and not many topics to write about.

A quick health update: I’m feeling much better. I slept straight through to the alarm this morning, which was nice. While I’m still quite tired, I’m certainly better off than I was yesterday and it’s almost the weekend (woo!), so it’s easy to push through it.

Image from Wikipedia. This is a logo owned by DC Comics, Inc. A subsidiary of Time Warner (c)2008.

As for the main meat of today’s post, have you seen the new American Gillette YouTube videos? Specifically, the people at Gillette have watched the Man of Steel trailer and have pointed out that Clark/Superman has a beard while on the fishing boat at the start of the trailer but shows up clean shaven later on (which is good, ‘cause Superman with a beard would be extremely weird).

While the question of how Superman shaves was covered in the comics and at least 1 TV show (I believe ‘The New Adventures of Lois and Clark’ had a scene where Clark uses his heat vision to burn off the hair, bouncing it off a curved piece of metal, deviating slightly from the comic where he uses a hand mirror), they decided to ask some brilliant minds the question and have posted the 4 video responses they received. Now, it’s up to viewers to vote for their favourite answer. Watch the videos below, let me know which you think is the best response in the comments below, and then head over to the Gillette channel and vote for your favourite!

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Jonathan Coulton songs and Chris Hadfield’s return

Today’s a bit of a slow news day for me. Unfortunately I don’t feel like I have too much to post about.

So, rather than try to fill the space chatting inanely about nothing, here’s one of my favourite Jonathan Coulton songs, performed in ASL (well, ZSL…) – odd choice, I know, but I really enjoy this version of the video… CaptainValor is really expressive:

That one feels a bit appropriate for today…

And a second favourite:

While I mention ‘favourites’, I do enjoy most of his work. You really can’t go wrong with it.

In other news, Chris Hadfield is back on Earth. Woo! Well… sorta woo… I’ll certainly miss his videos from space. Still, welcome home Chris!


Book club night and the Nature of Things with… Chris Hadfield!

We went to the book club last night. After a small blunder with the book store employee forgetting to stay at the shop to let the person who runs it in, we ended up at Costa (a coffee shop here similar to Starbucks) to have our meeting.

As I mentioned, I didn’t finish reading the book, but I’m happy to say that I wasn’t the only one. In fact, out of the 9 of us there, only 3 people had read the book to the end, so I really don’t feel too bad.

Opinions on the book were reasonably consistent. People liked some stories, disliked others. There were disagreements on what stories were good, but that was expected. All-in-all, nobody felt robbed of their time for having read the book, which is a definite improvement over some other books we’ve read.

Next month’s book: Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence. I don’t know anything about it since I wasn’t there when it was picked. Based on the official site, however, it does seem quite interesting. I think I’ll be starting it an extra week early… give me a couple of weeks to read it this time around, just in case.

I’ll certainly post my opinions later next month once I get through it. Now… back to trying to finish Wild Cards… and the Wheel of Time… and the books I got from World Book Night… and a dozen other books… ^^;

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Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station

Canadian Space Association - Agence spatiale canadienneFor the last couple months, I’ve been watching videos posted to YouTube by the Canadian Space Association. Specifically, I’ve enjoyed the videos by Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut, first Canadian to space walk, now the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station (ISS).

While the CSA has a lot of interesting videos on its YouTube channel, I’ve found the most interesting ones are by Chris while he’s on the ISS. They’re not very long, but he takes a few minutes to demonstrate various aspects of life on the ISS. Admittedly some of the videos are likely aimed more at a student audience (high school and whatnot), and on a conceptual level I know the answers to many of the questions asked prior to his demonstrations, but seeing how things work is extremely interesting.

Here’s a few I enjoyed:

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