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Weekend recap: Give me 40 acres, and Winter is Coming

Another weekend recap time!

Had a beautiful weekend. Great weather for a change. It was a little cooler yesterday, but Saturday was nice and sunny. And how did we decide to spend the beautiful weekend? Sitting on the couch, playing games and watching our newly purchased Game of Thrones Blu-ray DVDs, of course. Did anyone really expect anything different?

I’m going to start with games. I’ve actually only really been playing one game. I have an annoying habit of enjoying games that have you get into debt, and then ‘work’ to pay them off. I’ve mentioned it before with Animal Crossing (quick Animal Crossing update: I’m not playing it any more… I had a large amount of cash saved up so I decided to go to my wife’s town to see what was for sale there. The train pulled up, I got on, and then the game decided to wig out. My character’s gone. He never made it to Liz’ town, and if I log back into the game in my own save / town, I lose everything I had on me – everything in my inventory and all of my cash. Bleh). Well, I’ve managed to pick another similar game.

Euro Truck Simulator 2I’m going to blame Dan at Nerd3 on this one. He’s posted 2 video about a particular game (his 300 video special, and a ‘Speed’ run), which ended up getting me quite interested in the game (much to Liz’ surprise). The game in question is Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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Xbox One… New gaming platform, or new TV?

Xbox One. Image from Forbes.comImage from Forbes

So… Xbox One reveal. Anyone watch it?

I have to say, I was thoroughly disappointed by both the release and by the Xbox One itself. Based on specs, the system has a lot of promise as a gaming machine. Based on the reveal video, however, Microsoft seems to have forgotten that they were supposed to be building the next “gaming” machine.

It’s quite interesting to see all of the integration with live TV (assuming that you buy the additional device that allows you to use it and live in the US), and I guess it’s pretty cool that you can have all sort of PC features on your Xbox One without having to buy a PC and hook it up yourself. But really… the reveal feels more like a PVR / PC hybrid than a game console. The only real mention of games was bringing in people from EA to talk about how their sports games will be on the Xbox One, which was sandwiched between them showing how your Xbox One could update your fantasy league stats while you watched sports on TV, and the NFL saying they had signed a deal to make exclusive video content available for the Xbox One.

Oh, there was a little talk about Call of Duty thrown in there…  10 full minutes, so I guess they did cover it a bit. And a combined 3 minutes of coverage of other (non-Sports) games…

And let’s not forget the bit where someone from 343 Industries and a pre-recorded Steven Spielberg talk about a new Xbox One exclusive ‘premium’ live-action Halo… TV series.

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Weekend Recap: Doctor Who, Cleaning, SWTOR & more

Time for my weekend recap. Generally, the same as always, except for one main point.


Doctor WhoBBC

Images from BBC One

That was a spectacular episode. I really had a hard time not jumping on WordPress to write a post about it the moment the show ended. As I strive to avoid spoilers, all I can really say is ‘Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap that was awesomesauce’.

If you haven’t watched it, you really need to.

As an episode, it did a good job at pulling the right emotions (based on my wife’s reactions 😉 ). It also leads to some really interesting thoughts on the 50th anniversary special. I really can’t wait to see what they end up doing with it, nor where things go afterwards.

Besides the watching Doctor Who, Liz and I spent some time cleaning house. While the house was mostly clean, we decided to look at things from a ‘child-proofing’ point of view. No, we’re not expecting a child. Or at least, not a child of our own. As Liz has mentioned before on her blog, she tutors one of our friend’s daughters. Due to some changes in circumstances, starting this Thursday the tutoring will be moving to our place rather than theirs. It doesn’t change a whole lot (honestly, Liz and I both feel it’ll be better for the tutoring sessions: fewer ‘home’ distractions, and an environment where Liz has everything she needs for the session at her fingertips), but it did mean taking a look at what was slightly out of place.

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Weekend recap: No Star Trek, Mother’s Day, Emulation, and Dwarves!

So, weekend recap. The big thing to start with is that we decided to reschedule our movie plans. Since this was opening weekend for Star Trek Into Darkness, the crowd really put us off. While we know that a full theatre is part of the movie-going experience, we’d prefer a slightly smaller crowd. We’ve decided instead to see an early 2D showing on Tuesday, in hopes of getting a smaller group. As for Iron Man 3, while we’re still somewhat hopeful to see it in cinemas, we’ll be perfectly content to wait for it to be released on BRDVD and watch it at home. So, basically it means I need to stay away from any Star Trek related sites for another couple days, just to be safe.

Doctor WhoBBC

Images from BBC One

On another video note: DOCTOR WHO!!!!! Not really going to say much about it… this week’s episode was great. It really showcased Matt Smith’s acting ability. Great episode. Great 3 minute prequel to the finale. Really really can’t wait to watch the season finale this weekend.

On a gaming front, focused (mainly) on two different gaming fronts this weekend: PS2/GameCube emulation and Dwarf Fortress.

When I moved to the UK from Canada, I decided to leave several video game consoles boxed up with my folks (yet inexplicably decided to bring most of the games, even if I didn’t have the consoles with me). With the voltage difference between the UK and Canada (220/240 vs 100/120), and the different plug adapter requirements, for some of the systems there just wasn’t a point in bringing them along (luckily the Wii, PS3, and 360 all take 100 – 240v so I only needed to be concerned about the plug adapters, which were cheap).

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Long day, and I wish I could learn to read a calendar

So today’s been a long day. Unfortunately, the small headache I went to bed with grew overnight. Got up, my head was thrumming a bit, but it was okay. Got to work, it had grown a bit more, making it a little difficult to focus on work. By the time I got home, it had grown to a full-fledged migraine, with sound and light sensitivity, tunnel vision, and nausea. The train ride home was one of the longest of my life… a nice lady with her 2 kids nearby (not loud enough to normally cause a problem but today….), 2 people listening to music on their headphones turned loud enough for everyone else in the coach to hear it, and someone sitting right behind me jingling their keys for 4 stops… /sigh.

On a positive note, I got home and was able to take some co-codamol and lay down for a short time before supper. I don’t think you can get co-codamol in North America. It’s basically paracetamol/tylenol with some codeine and caffeine, and here you can get it over-the-counter (Liz has told me you can’t get codeine without a prescription in the States). It’s one of the few things that seem to work for me when my headaches get really bad (I’m headache prone in general). After 30 minutes to an hour, I was able to function again, and was able to spend a quite but pleasant supper and evening with Liz.

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