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Long day, and I wish I could learn to read a calendar

So today’s been a long day. Unfortunately, the small headache I went to bed with grew overnight. Got up, my head was thrumming a bit, but it was okay. Got to work, it had grown a bit more, making it a little difficult to focus on work. By the time I got home, it had grown to a full-fledged migraine, with sound and light sensitivity, tunnel vision, and nausea. The train ride home was one of the longest of my life… a nice lady with her 2 kids nearby (not loud enough to normally cause a problem but today….), 2 people listening to music on their headphones turned loud enough for everyone else in the coach to hear it, and someone sitting right behind me jingling their keys for 4 stops… /sigh.

On a positive note, I got home and was able to take some co-codamol and lay down for a short time before supper. I don’t think you can get co-codamol in North America. It’s basically paracetamol/tylenol with some codeine and caffeine, and here you can get it over-the-counter (Liz has told me you can’t get codeine without a prescription in the States). It’s one of the few things that seem to work for me when my headaches get really bad (I’m headache prone in general). After 30 minutes to an hour, I was able to function again, and was able to spend a quite but pleasant supper and evening with Liz.

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